A Dirty Little Thing Called Love: 2011

A Dirty Little Thing Called Love - Dave Amadio
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In his 3rd studio Album, A Dirty Little Thing Called Love, Amadio has pushed the limits of his own sound once again. In offering up edgy tunes such as The Kappa Song and Down, Amadio shows his musical evolution all while being able to stay true to his roots with cheerful/emotional acoustic tracks such as Chances (a song written about simplistic love and life) and Stay (a song capturing the emotions of the inevitable). “As I grow as a person and an artist, I am better able to express life’s ups and downs in my music. Every album is a snapshot of where you are in your life at that moment in time. When writing the tracks for this new album, I was in a place where I wanted to challenge my own thoughts and perceptions of life and reality. I really want my lyrics to express the things we all think and feel, but struggle to share. “

Saving Rome: 2008

Saving Rome - Dave Amadio
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Dave Amadio’s Sophomore album SAVING ROME is a collection of feel good acoustic driven music blending warm melodies with smooth harmonies. Mixed by Columbus Native Brian Adams and mastered by Sterling sounds Greg Calbi (who has contributed to projects by artist such as John Lennon, G.Love and John Mayer)  the Album although light hearted contains a passionate undertone and the simple message of living every day to the fullest. The Album begins with “Holiday”, a song about detaching oneself from the hustle of every day life.  The happy yet reflective tone of the album is also seen in songs such as “Backwards to Blue” and “Dreamer”. The album concludes with the ballad “Saving Rome” in which Amadio lets his guard down and uses the wind of emotion to sail away into the sunset.

The World Around You: 2006

The World Around You - Dave Amadio
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Amadio’s first solo release, THE WORLD AROUND YOU, is a candid and up front collection showcasing 12 raw acoustic tracks. Written, Produced and Mixed by Amadio himself, the album touches on love, loss and Joy. The Playful title track expresses love’s humorous twists and turns while Morning Coffee (co within by Eric French) reflectively speaks of a relationships “slightly sobering” chain of events.