Enthusiasm is contagious and that’s why songwriters and music lovers with a genuine passion for music can’t help but take notice……………

A singer/songwriter and native of Columbus, Ohio, Dave Amadio has been in the studio working on his 3rd studio album set for release in 2010. His first studio album, The World Around You (2006), was an eclectic mix of 12 acoustic tracks that blended smooth acoustic tones with thought and emotion- provoking lyrical content centered around life’s day to day occurrences. “You always remember your first album” Amadio says. “It was such an exciting time to break away and tell the stories in my music that I wanted to tell. After being a frontman in bands for years, I wanted to see if others would relate to my own personal style, and I’m glad that they did!”

Dave Amadio’s sophomore effort Saving Rome (2008), refined Amadio’s sound and elevated his musical vision to new levels. The single ‘Holiday’ set the tone for this album as positive and uplifting. “When people talk to me about Saving Rome, they always mention Holiday. there were so many people that wrote telling me that they started their morning off everyday listening to the song or watching the video because it made them smile. ” The album’s positive tone only grows stronger after Holiday with songs such as Left of Center (a song praising individual uniqueness), Backwards to Blue and Just Another Day (a song about taking life in stride and letting fate lead the way). The most notable song on the album lending to the title, Saving Rome, is a musical masterpiece taking the listener on a ride of emotion and beautiful musical melodies. “I wrote Saving Rome” Amadio says” in the first person after examining my own life on a trip to Rome. It only took about an hour sitting in front of a night lit colosseum to tie in the symbolism with my own life.”

Dave Amadio’s upcoming 2010 release will no doubt be anything less than inspiring. Amadio has pushed the limits of his own sound by offering up edgy tunes such as Alibi and Anywhere but Here all while being able to stay true to his roots with cheerful acoustic tracks such as Chances and Stay. “As I grow as a person and an artist, I am better able to express life’s ups and downs in my music. Every album is a snapshot of where you are in your life at that point in time. When writing the tracks for this new album, I was in a place where I wanted to challenge my own thoughts and perceptions of life and reality. I really want my lyrics to express the things we all think and feel, but struggle to share. “